Every3point65, exhibition view, galerie antoine ertaskiranFuck the bunny suit (version one), installation viewShit, Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Shit (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Piss, Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Piss (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Fuck, Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Fuck (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Cunt, Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Cunt (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Cocksucker, Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Cocksucker (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Motherfucker,  Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Motherfucker (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Tits, Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Tits (detail), Fuck the bunny suit (version one)Every3point65, exhibition view, galerie antoine ertaskiranEvery3point65, exhibition view, galerie antoine ertaskiranflogging a dead horse ten, installation viewEvery3point65, exhibition view, galerie antoine ertaskirancounting to 100, 100 times sculpturecounting to 100, 100 times (1-9)counting to 100, 100 times (1-9), detailthis is your life... (work week), installation viewthis is your life... (work week), detailthis is your life mistakes/correctionsEvery3point65, exhibition view, galerie antoine ertaskiran32 cubes, 32 waysProject Index Card (54 little boxes), view 1 of 3Project Index Card (54 little boxes), view 2 of 3
Project Index Card (54 little boxes), view 3 of 3sachet de sel 12372 (front view)sachet de sel 12372 (back view)
every3point65 - Montreal
galerie antoine ertaskiran, Montreal
January 29 - March 1, 2014

galerie antoine ertaskiran is proud to present Every3point65, the first solo exhibition by Ken Nicol in Montreal. The title of the exhibition refers to a blog that Ken Nicol started on January 1st 2013 to report on the goings on in "Ken's world" (http://every3point65.blogspot.ca). As part of his "hundreds of things" body of work, the blog is updated every 3.65 days culminating in exactly one hundred entries for the year. This is not a ”what I had for lunch" type of blog, but this is ‘’what I'm working on" blog and the exhibition Every3point65 is the physical realization of the blog. Each piece in the show includes an entry reference number allowing the viewer to refer to the blog on smart phones while viewing the show...more

-Nicolas Mavrikakis, La vie au compte à rebours, Le Devoir, February 15, 2014.

-Must-Sees this Week : January 23 to 29, 2014, Canadian Art, January 23th, 2014
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