Fuck Off

Fuck Off, detail
Text in Process
RH Gallery
New York,
May 1 - June 22, 2012

"This exhibition explores text-based art practices which employ language to visually consider the process of conceptualizing ideas while also presenting a pictorial investigation of language. The works in this exhibition depict the provisional space of language while working within the relationship between text and image. The artists included in this exhibition are Stephen Andrews, Fiona Banner, Joanne K. Cheung, Anne-Lise Coste, Sebastian Errazuriz, León Ferrari, Joe Hardesty, Robert Kinmont, Stephanie Lempert, Micah Lexier, Ken Nicol, Valeska Soares and Qiu Zhijie.
...Ken Nicol has recently produced a series of works employing the techniques of concrete poetry. The phrase “fuck off” is repeated to the point that the text is constantly in flux, disappearing and reappearing within a pattern created by the words. Joanne K. Cheung’s work Reading/Not Reading depicts a sentence fragment that seems to be disappearing, offering a similar reading process to Nicol’s work." (RH Gallery)

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